CAIMed is the Lower Saxony research center for artificial intelligence and causal methods in medicine. We develop innovative methods for improved, personalized healthcare and contribute to the management of widespread diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infections. The combination of excellent locations in Lower Saxony for methodical AI research, data-intensive medicine, medical informatics and basic medical research creates a unique flagship project for research into AI and personalized medicine.

CAIMed starts with 12 method-oriented junior research groups at the participating universities, consisting of 24 scientific staff. The groups will be led by experienced researchers in computer science and medicine, who will also be CAIMed members and act as mentors for the new groups. The strategic and content-related networking of all participating institutions from Hanover, Göttingen and Braunschweig is guaranteed from the outset and can be further developed dynamically. further developed dynamically. The involvement of mentors with a medical background ensures a direct link to the medical focus of CAIMed. All 12 groups provide resources for data processing in the medical focus areas. The junior research groups are organized in four methodological clusters: "AI and Semantics", "AI and Decisions", "AI and Agents" and "AI and Signals", each with cluster spokespersons.

Executive Director,
L3S Research Center

"At CAIMed, we develop innovative methods for improved and personalized healthcare. In doing so, we are providing solutions to urgent challenges in global healthcare. By by networking and strengthening excellent locations in Lower Saxony for methodical AI research, data-intensive medicine, medical informatics and basic medical research, we are creating a unique beacon for research into artificial intelligence and personalized medicine. for research into artificial intelligence and personalized medicine."

Dr. Georg Schütte

Secretary General,

"If we want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by artificial intelligence, we need to master the technologies and develop them further. The CAImed network brings together expertise from different locations. Together, we can put Lower Saxony on the map of AI research and attract talent from all over the world."

Falko Mohrs

Lower Saxony Minister for Science and Culture

"With CAIMed, research in Lower Saxony is consistently continuing the necessary interdisciplinary and cross-method networking of its research activities and is bringing the strong life and data science expertise in the Hanover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region closer together. and data science expertise in the Hannover-Braunschweig-Göttingen-Wolfsburg metropolitan region more closely together. Using methods of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the aim is to provide new impetus for modern, increasingly personalized medicine, increasingly personalized medicine in order to open up new healing prospects, especially for patients suffering from widespread diseases"

Improving healthcare and strengthening personalized medicine: computer science and medical researchers from Hannover, Göttingen and Braunschweig will be developing innovative methods and applications of artificial intelligence at CAIMed. The Ministry of Science and Culture (MWK) and the Volkswagen Foundation are providing 15 million euros over the next five years from the joint "zukunft.niedersachsen" program.
Leading experts from the fields of medicine, computer science, humanities, healthcare and politics came together at our symposium at Herrenhausen Palace on May 16, 2023 to discuss important issues relating to AI and medicine.