Prof. Dr. Sören Auer

Direktor TIB Leibniz Informationszentrum für Technik und Naturwissenschaften


Welfengarten 1B
30167 Hannover

Prof. Sören Auer provides his expertise in semantic technologies, data networking and knowledge graphs to CAIMed. His expertise in symbolic AI research and his experience in data integration and analysis make him an important member of the team. In his position as Director of the TIB Leibniz Information Centre for Science and Technology, he focuses on developing innovative approaches for the organization of scientific contributions such as the Open Research Knowledge Graph. Research findings are currently still mostly "hidden" deep in scientific publications, so AI can only support us to a very limited extent. With a semantic organization of research contributions, we can drive scientific progress forward more efficiently and effectively.

"At CAIMed, we are working to push the boundaries of personalized medicine, for example by using the Open Research Knowledge Graph to semantically organize research knowledge. This approach enables us to link and analyze complex medical knowledge and data more effectively, allowing us to improve the diagnosis and treatment of diseases."